Dive right in to make sure your business gets the most value from enterprise mobile application development. To make this tedious task a bit easier, we created this guide on enterprise mobile application development. Enterprises use survey software to support any aspect that connects them with an audience, no matter if there are clients or customers in question, or business partners.

What types of enterprise software do we develop

The development team is responsible for building and testing your application. This is where the rubber meets the road and where the majority of the time is spent. The length of time it takes to develop the software depends on several factors, including the complexity of the system and whether you have an existing product that can be enhanced or modified to meet your needs. Automated marketing processes make managing visitors’ behaviour easier thanks to extensive automation processes including cross-channel tracking and data analysis. This helps increase the effectiveness of the marketing communication channel to increase sales and ultimately maximize customer value.

Supply Chain Management Systems (SCM)

Digital systems help organizations increase the efficiency of their activities, control the work of different departments better, share knowledge and enhance transparency in business processes. Enterprise software development offers great benefits to the regular workflow and elevates its productivity. Thanks to strategic email planning, they reach out to leads, communicate with customers and promote products. Email marketing software offers data interpretation option based on results from surveys, interviews, contact forms and comprehensive website activity analysis. It helps managers better understand how efficient their work is, and adjust it accordingly.

What types of enterprise software do we develop

A website is a powerful tool in today’s digital environment, and without it, enterprises would be nearly invisible. But all that website data needs to be analyzed in order to successfully optimize a company’s presence, and that’s why web analytics software and tools such as Google Analytics are needed more than ever. With a stable rating of 4.7 stars on Capterra and 4.5 on G2Crowd, Google Analytics proves to be the go-to solution when it comes to website analysis. Marketing has developed in so many different areas that without software, companies would not be able to manage all the data points and develop successful strategies. Here we will focus on Moz as a complete inbound marketing solution that received a Capterra rating of 4.5 stars and 4.4 in G2Crowd.

Best Practices & Steps for Enterprise Application Development

Desktop applications simply cannot provide the required flexibility for employees who need to be ready to work remotely, make important business decisions on the go, and have constant access to important data. As a common solution to that requirements, bigger desktop systems usually get connected to mobile and web versions. Services provided by enterprise software are typically business-oriented tools.

What types of enterprise software do we develop

HubSpot helps marketers and sales managers reach out to contacts, nurture leads and monitor the results of campaigns. The work of both units is aligned since all information is stored in one place. Develop your custom software with SaM Solutions’ engineers, skilled in the latest tech and well-versed in multiple industries.

Online Marketing

When this happens, it’s a good idea to turn to enterprise software to help you automate the process. Let’s chat about the differences between Enterprise Software Development and Regular Software Development. However, moving to an ERP system will be counterproductive if the company’s culture enterprise software development in cloud does not adjust to the change and the company does not review how the structure of its organization can support it. Enterprise resource planning manages and integrates business processes through a single system. With a better line of sight, companies can better plan and allocate resources.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when developing your own enterprise software. Enterprise software is designed to integrate with other systems to provide better information access and control over data flows between systems. This means they need to be compatible with your existing software as well as any other systems used by employees or partners. Therefore, we always make sure there is adequate time built into the implementation schedule for testing these integrations, as well as managing data integrity issues if things do not go according to plan.


Want to extract actionable insights from large data volumes originating from multiple sources? Our expertise in data architecture design, ETL processes, data warehousing, reporting, and visualization can help you turn masses of unstructured data into clear insights. We continue to work together to add new features and expand into the American market. Managing the budget, timelines, and stakeholder expectations places high requirements on the Project Managers. They have to first identify all people that might be impacted by the project.

Cloud migration makes your application faster, more scalable and secure, as well as cuts operational costs. Our engineers can develop an optimal cloud migration strategy and move your application to AWS, Azure, or GCP. We helped CEMAsys migrate to a new tech stack, including Angular, NestJS, and AdonisJS. Thanks to a modular service-oriented architecture, developers can easily add new functionality without wasting a lot of time on debugging. The system handles more than 2 million environmental records without performance hits thanks to Azure and Kubernetes autoscaling.

Marketing Automation Software

Apart from manufacturing and inventory control, SCM software can also handle a variety of processes. For instance, they facilitate market forecasting, logistics, supply quest, and commodity transportation. The implementation of an enterprise software application simplifies the workload of employees. As a result, it will reduce the required time and effort to carry out their daily tasks.

What types of enterprise software do we develop

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