Right-wing populists more distrustful away from Eu, minorities

When it comes to gender therefore the monetary fields, majorities in the most common countries differ for the statement “Whenever tasks are scarce, men need positive singles credits to have far more right to a job than simply feminine.” Nevertheless, ample shares of your own personal trust this report in lots of places, also approximately six-in-10 in Slovakia and you can five-in-10 or higher from inside the Greece, Poland, Bulgaria and you will Italy.

Governmental assistance in European countries and you can someplace else was in fact interrupted along the previous long time because of the development of anti-elite feelings while the rise out-of populist parties, leaders and you may motions – generally, but not exclusively, with the political best. Multiple issues enjoys fueled this new pass on away from populism, and newest questionnaire features some topics in which supporters away from populist activities get noticed.

Those who display a good advice off best-side populist events are often more likely to hold bad viewpoints of the Eu and to believe the commercial combination out-of European countries has been damaging to their regions. For more about how exactly that it questionnaire represent populist activities for the Europe, discover Appendix A good.

Also smaller taking of homosexuality and bad to the minority communities. By way of example, 59% from Swedes with a positive view of your best-wing populist Sweden Democrats display an unfavorable view regarding Muslims in its nation; among those with an awful view of the Sweden Democrats, simply 17% come across Muslims negatively. Just how anyone experience best-wing populist events also shapes perceptions on the Muslims when you look at the Germany, the new Czech Republic, holland, France, Italy, The country of spain, great britain and you may Hungary.

A different trend is provided, not, from kept-wing populist parties. Within the France, Greece and Spain, individuals with advantageous viewpoints off leftover-wing populist activities tend to have so much more positive attitudes with the Muslims within nation.


The fresh survey possess particular inquiries that were expected only in the former Eastern Germany, as well as on many other questions you can find generous differences when considering people Germans surviving in the fresh new Eastern as well as the Western.


While Western and Western european perceptions is actually comparable for the particular trick products, there may be others where two sides of one’s Atlantic features reduced in common.

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